Women, eat more yam if you want to give birth to twins - Doctor

The doctor cited a small town in Oyo State called Igbo-Ora which he said has the highest number of twin births in the whole world?


The Nigerian doctor was responding to a twitter user, @MrBanksOmishore who wrote on the platform that: “I won’t mind having twins. Considering my parents had two sets of twins, the possibilities are strong. Heard eating yam increases the chances, how true is that?”

He said: “Yes. Your parents having twins strongly make it likely you would.

“And yes, women who eat a lot of yam have a higher tendency of having twins.This is shocking but true.


“Do u know a small town in Oyo State called Igbo-Ora has the highest number of twin births in the whole world?

“And it is strongly believed the yam diet quite common in that area explains why they have the highest twin birth rate in the whole world.

“As a matter of fact, the BBC as at 2001 released an article on this.

“As far back as many years ago, gynaecologists from the Lagos University Teaching Hospital did a research into this and the conclusions suggested the regular yam diet was probably the most likely explanation for it. Fascinating isn’t it?


“But beyond that it is true.

“And the scientific reason that support the findings of the research was the fact that yam was found to contain very high amounts of natural chemicals that make the woman release more than one egg per month when she ovulates, making it very likely to have a twin pregnancy.

“So in simple terms, the yam seems to contain naturally similar chemicals that induce ovulation (egg production) in women.

“So a regular diet of this yam makes it extremely likely to have twins if the woman gets pregnant.

“One of the most amazing but beautiful facts from Nigeria.”



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