It was an embarrassing scene to hold when an intoxicated school principal at Franklin Middle School was arrested after he literally defecated in front of hundreds of students during the pledge of allegiance.

It was very obvious that the 53-year-old principal, Andrew Whitmore had been under the influence of alcohol when he decided to throw down his pants and defecate on the schoolyard in in the full glare of students and school personnel.

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According to, Mr. Andrew Whitmore aggravated his embarrassment even more after losing his balance and falling to the ground in his own pile of feces before eventually being carried away by local police officers.

One surprised student told local reporters that “He started yelling something about Trump being a racist pig and a fascist cunt or something.”

Another appalled student said “He dropped down his pants and everybody was shocked, but then he started to crap on the grass, fell down and started puking all over himself. It was truly disturbing.”

Students were not the only ones taken aback by Whitmore’s conduct, the Franklin Middle School secretary, Hillary Johnson, says she was shocked by the behavior of the principal and had never seen him go out of order in that manner.

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Reports further indicate that Whitmore later admitted to police officers that he had spent his night drinking and smoking crystal meth.

“He said the situation with Donald Trump and the national anthem had really pissed him off and that he didn’t remember doing the things he had done,” Deputy Sheriff Tom Hannity disclosed to local News reporters.

Tom Hannity further explained that “He allegedly had a blackout and does not remember defecating in front of the whole school.”

According to reports, Mr. Whitmore made local headlines in June when he uploaded a faceless video of himself masturbating on Facebook at 3 am, telling President Donald Trump to “suck on his cock” before taking down the video hours later, claiming his account had been hacked.

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Whitmore was arrested on charges of public intoxication and faces six counts of obscenity. Legal experts believe he could face up to 18 months in jail.