She said my penis is too small – Osofo Asamoah laments

A lady has left Osofo Asamoah in pain after running away because his penis was too small for her.

Osofo Asamoah

This viral video would have your side in stitches with laughter. According to Osofo Asamoah, a lady left him because she felt his manhood was too small for her. He said, “She has left Osofo Asamoah. She said Asamoah has a small penis.” As he said these words, he expressed both surprise and angry that a woman can look at a pastor in the face and spew such words.

He said this incident happened after he had spent so much on her including a lavish wedding. And after doing all this did not even allow him to penetrate for even one day/night. He then suggested that she should have at least allowed him a single entry and withdrawal or brush at the entrance but she did not agree. According to him, she insisted that she wanted a huge penis.

The identity of the lady remained anonymous throughout the clip. Can you help us find her because we need her to answer a couple of serious ‘serious questions’?



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