Slay queen embarrassments of the year 2018

To start with, who is a slay queen?

Slay queen embarrassments of the year 2018

The describes slay queens as young and naive girls who apparently do not date broke men. They spend hours on Snapchat and Instagram showing off things they don't even own.

It further says they do not have a wealthy background but appear as if they do. They use malicious acts to attain cash, drink expensive alcohol, and procure expensive cell phones. But back at home she's a chicken chaser.

You can spot them from a distance by their obnoxious and heavy rolling accent characterized by flat pronunciations of the letter "e". E.g. I just don't gat it.

Apparently, due to their annoying lifestyle as the puts it, many people virtually hate slay queens and would want to see them exposed and disgraced.

Some of them are at the mercy of public wrath due to speculations that some of them use their cosmetic appearances to woo married men and end up ruining their marriages.

A Kenyan Slay Queen had the shock of her life on Sunday, March 18 at the Allsopps bus stage on the Thika Road in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi when all commercial vehicles refused to carry her.

The lady was seen dressed in a tight and short pair of knickers parading the street in an attempt to board a commercial vehicle, but both drivers and commuter got so disgusted by her mode dressing hat they rejected her, saying she looked indecent.

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Both male and female passengers aboard the commercial vehicles were unanimous in condemning the lady, threatening to disembark if the drivers attempted to allow her to board the car.

Facebook user, Peris Wanjiku who was apparently either onboard one of the vehicles or standing by took a photo of the scene and posted on Facebook with the inscription: ''Aki slay queens or whatever u call ourselves, decency is what makes a person be called human from how u dress n how u act,av spotted this lady at allsops thika rd,people yelling n screaming at her,mat zinamkataa. We are Africans n it means respect.''

Also, a funny video circulated online in October which showed a very upset makeup artist furiously cleaning off her handiwork from two girls.

In the video, she can be heard complaining about the price they offered to pay after she had fulfilled her end of the bargain.

The girls, noticeably humiliated offered no resistance at all. They just stood still whilst she wiped their faces clean. Perhaps they knew they were in wrong standing with the norm.

In March this year, a Nigerian man arrested a Slay Queen who stole two of his wristwatches worth $2,400.

A report by indicated that the man had met the said slay queen and her friend at an ATM machine near his house where they became friends and exchanged contacts.

They subsequently conversed on Facebook until some days later when the alleged thief requested to pay him a visit.

During her visit, the slay queen allegedly made away with the two wristwatches surreptitiously, each of which costs $1,200.

Interestingly, after exiting the man’s house she blocked him of Facebook which used to be their channel of communication.

The man then reportedly tracked her through her friend and got hold of her. The friend through whom the slay queen was tracked is the one wearing glass in the photos.

A female student in Nigeria’s Delta State Polytechnic was tied up and paraded after she had been allegedly caught stealing money belonging to her friend.

Reports suggest that the suspect’s friend was left broke when her N250k got missing mysteriously, but amazingly, the slay queen was caught in connection with the theft.e video. 

She was reportedly attempting to steal again when another student spotted her and raised alarm.

The unnamed student was mobbed by fellow students, tied up and paraded in public amidst booing.

While she was tied up, other students took photos of her and posted online even as she tried to hide her face from cameras.


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