Well, that is what is likely to be the case if an alleged new invention of toilet rolls reportedly aimed at "saving the planet" is accepted for use by the world.

Photos of the said new invention have been circulating online after they were shared by Twitter user @AdvoBarryRoux.

According to @AdvoBarryRoux, the manufacturers of the new toilet roll thought it would be a way of contributing their quota to "saving the planet".

Some social media users have been reacting to the Twitter post, with some questioning the process of cleaning the toilet rolls for reuse, while others vowed never to use it regardless of whatever purpose it is meant to achieve.

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Below are some Twitter reactions to the alleged reusable toilet rolls:

@SabzGatsheni tweeted: "The PLANET can WAIT."

@starblack_jnr said: "So I guess I throw it in the washing basket when I’m done. Then I wash it with my laundry over the weekend, meanwhile, my house is smelling like my a**."

@blaq_furry wrote: "So you think changing a few toilet wipes will save the earth. Just as much as those who think electric cars will save the planet."