According to a report by, the popular media personality made the accusations during his morning show on Angel FM.

He is reported as having revealed that the said pastors whose names he did not mention visited the dreaded West African country twice, that is, before and after the elections to carry out their diabolic agenda but their efforts were counterproductive.

Mr. Smart further disclosed that the initial purpose of the unnamed pastors’ visit to Benin was to help a certain flagbearer win the December 7, 2020, presidential election but since the plan didn’t materialise, they thought it necessary to return the shrines ‘wipe out’ the president before his swearing-in ceremony.

“The pastors that went to Benin before the elections and it backfired went back after the results were declared. This time around they tried to kill the president. They are very funny. There’s one that lives around my area. He went with one other prophet. Let me tell you, your plans have failed. Our president will be sworn in on January 7 no matter what you do,” he stated.

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Captain Smart warned all persons who he claimed are scheming to eliminate the president to desist from the heartless plot, adding that even when he dies, the presidency will not be handed over to a different flagbearer, so it is a fruitless endeavour.

“On January 7, 2020, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will be sworn-in as president of the Republic of Ghana. He will not die and even when he dies we will not swear you in. You must get it straight; sometimes people need to understand certain principles in life. If I die today my building at Tantra Hills will never be given to you. It is for my wife. I’m telling you that our president will not die,” Captain Smart stated.

Meanwhile, two men of God, Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako and Prophet Nigel Gaisie have prophesied that there are evil conspiracy and plots against the presidency.

On the part of Prophet Salifu Amoako, he is reported to have said during his 31st watch night service that some persons will attempt to poison the president half-way through his second term, while his colleague Prophet Nigel Gaisie too claimed to have seen some dark clouds resting on the presidency.