reported him as saying that the ‘hello’ was deliberately coined by satan to win souls for hell, so he thought it prudent to blow the devil’s cover by enlightening the good people of Ghana.

According to Papa Shee, the term Hello means “Hell oo”, so saying it is tantamount to applying for a space in hell.

He added that it is because of this discovery that he has personally stopped answering phone calls by saying ‘hello’, but instead, he says ‘Hallelujah’ or ‘Amen’.

“The Enemy is very crafty. You can say ‘praise the Lord, or Amen or Good morning, Good afternoon when you receive a call. Words are very powerful.

“The enemy is very crafty. Hello, and other words are all terms the devil has devised. Hello means ‘HELL OOO’,” quoted Evangelist Papa Shee as having alleged.

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In other news, a disappointed lady has advised against having a sexual relationship with people from the microblogging platform Twitter.

According to the South African pretty woman, most men on Twitter are not traceable when a pregnancy arises from a sexual affair with them, and it becomes a burden to be solely borne by the lady.

The lady identified as Tumisangmo took to her social media page to reveal how she has a child with a man she met on Twitter but he has never set his eyes on the child who is turning two years soon, and she has to carry all the burden alone.

She went on to caution her fellow ladies to desist from having sex with men they meet on Twitter to avoid being in the position she finds herself in currently.

“My son is turning two next month…bathong his dad has never seen him. Don’t have sex with people from Twitter,” Tumisangmo warned in a tweet.

“Marvin’s side of the story must be the one where I have to call him every month asking him to buy his son nappies and milk and being a stepfather to his girlfriend’s kids than his own child. There’s a lot to be said about that guy but I don’t care anymore. I am no longer touched

“Am raising my son very well without him around. He's not the first man to do such and certainly not the last. We move,” she added in a rejoinder tweet.