Men doubt I’m HIV positive; stop judging by smooth skin & well-built body – Lady warns

An HIV positive woman has advised that people should desist from judging others’ status by their looks and getting intimate with them without proper due diligence.

Susan Metta: Men doubt I’m HIV positive; stop judging by smooth skin & well-built body

“Stop determining someone's HIV status by simply looking at them. Smooth skin and a well-built body do not mean one does not have the virus,” Susan Metta said in an interview with the BBC.

As to how she contracted the virus, the beautiful woman narrated that she had a well-paying job managing restaurants in South Sudan from 2008 to 2018.

Then, in 2018, she started having random symptoms but thought they were a result of exposure to heat.


“I would suddenly feel hot or cold. I thought it was my body responding to the weather,” she said as quoted by

To worsen her plight, Susan revealed that her employment contract was terminated without prior notice in September 2018.

The loss of her job left her devastated and she resorted to alcoholism and had to return to her home country.


“Soon after arriving back in Kenya, I developed a cough which did not ebb despite taking medication. I started rapidly losing weight, and my hair changed colour.”

Susan’s condition kept aggravating while in Kenya and she thought it prudent to get tested after noticing sores on the upper lip.

She recounted how on January 14, 2019, she decided to get tested for HIV but did not have the courage, so she returned home before her two sisters accompanied her to the hospital two days later where the test was conducted.

Although the result came out positive, Susan said she was happy because she had feared it was cancer.

“I finally took the test on January 16, 2019, after ailing for almost six months. When the results came, I smiled and told the medical practitioner to give me ARVs. I was happy because I feared I had cancer,” she said.


She then started taking herself down memory lane to figure out where and how she may have contracted the virus. She suspects it must be in 2016 even though she is unsure who infected her because she had multiple sex partners then.

Susan has now turned into an advocate using her YouTube channel to educate society on HIV and highlight the challenges of persons living with the virus.

In a similar story, one Jackeline Njoki Mwangi who is also HIV positive disclosed recently that she intentionally infected her partners with the virus to punish them for carelessly having unprotected sex.

"At the end of the day, I cannot be your keeper. You do not know me. I am not related to you, yet you want to bed me without protection,” quoted Jackeline as having said.



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