Suspected coup plotters’ family invoke curses (video)

The prosecution of nine Ghanaian suspected coup plotters for treason charges has taken an interesting twist as families of some of the suspects have invited their gods to preside over the matter to ensure justice for their relatives.

Suspected coup plotters’ family invoke curses (video)

Many suspects were arrested for allegedly plotting to overthrow the NPP government after some weapons and explosives were allegedly discovered in their possession.

The Bible which witnesses are bound to swear to in court before giving their testimonies says “Thou shalt not bear false witness”, and besides, there are legal consequences for lying under oath.

But family members of some of the suspects from the Volta region were unsure of getting justice, so they invoked the wrath of their gods on anyone who intends to bear false witness against their relatives facing trial.

On Wednesday, after the state discharged two of the suspects and a levelled treason felony and other related charges against nine others, the families poured libation and invoked the gods of Alavanyo in the Volta region on the Kaneshie District Court premises to deal with anybody who bears false witness against the suspects.

A video shows an elderly man calling on the gods of Alavanyo, Tando and Agotime to intervene in the matter.

Watch the video below: 


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