Takoradi residents arrest another ‘thief’, buy him beer and give him hilarious punishment (video)

Instant justice is on the increase in Ghana with the victims mostly dying as a result, but residents of Takoradi and its environs in the Western Region seem to have adopted a hilarious way of doing it without killing.

Takoradi residents arrest another ‘thief’, buy him beer after making him clean gutters

Just a few days after a video of a suspected thief being forced to laugh and dance against his will in Takoradi went viral, another equally hilarious video has emerged.

In the latest video, the muscular suspected thief who allegedly stole somebody’s bunch of plantain and some car parts was arrested and paraded in public.

He had been reportedly wandering in the neighbourhood for days and the residents too were monitoring his movements.

They first gave him a funny shave of his hair by drawing a cross in it which divided it into four portions. They then tied a long rope on his waist which was being held by a member of the vigilante group which arrested the man, to ensure he did not escape.

He was made to clean the gutters of the township by desilting them to the extent that the wastewater in the drains looked drinkable.

In the presence of all residents, the ‘thief’ was given beer to drink after doing the cleaning.

They made him sing “I won’t steal again” to which he danced hesitantly to the amusement of the crowd.

According to Accra-based Adom FM’s reporter, residents of Takoradi say they prefer this ‘new method’ of dealing with suspected criminals to handing them over to the police.

They claimed that their new approach of public shaming is more a deterrent than handing over the suspects to the police because they return shortly to continue their criminal activities.

They further alleged that they don’t trust the police anymore because when suspected criminals are handed over to them, they end up leaving them without pursuing the matter further.


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