A teenage girl from Illinois is currently suffering from a condition that leads to her memory resetting every two hours, and she cannot remember anything that occurred before the resetting.

According to reports, Riley Horner wakes up every morning thinking it’s June 11 about three months after she got accidentally kicked in the head by a teenager who was crowd-surfing during a dance at the FFA State Convention.

A report by Odditycentral.com says the young girl was taken to the hospital but tests showed no brain bleed, tumour, or anything else out of the ordinary.

Although doctors could not detect any serious damage to her brain, Riley has been experiencing seizures and memory loss which the doctors said would normalize but her family is not seeing any improvement.

Speaking to WQAD, she narrated: “I’m not making memories and I’m just like really scared. People just don’t understand. It’s like a movie. Like I will have no recollection of this interview come suppertime.”

“I have a calendar on my door and I look and it’s September and I’m like ‘Whoa. I’m very confused and I try to think back and I can’t,” Riley added.

It is further reported that everything that the young lady experienced before and since July has erased from her memory, and when she experiences new things, they get erased too after two hours.

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While doctors are at a loss as to what exactly is the cause of her condition, her mother is restless and cannot wait to see her daughter recover.

“We need somebody that knows a little bit more because she deserves better. I mean she wanted to be in the medical field and now she can’t even hold a job if she wanted to,” Sarah Homer lamented.

“My brother passed away last week, and she probably has no idea We tell her every day, but she has no idea about it,” she added.

As even medical doctors are clueless about the cause of Riley’s condition and how to treat her, the Homer family is apprehensive that mysterious condition may remain with Riley for life.