A Kenyan landlord was a victim of that scenario when he was beaten and thrown out of his own house rented to tenants.

According to reports, the landlord, George Shiundu who owns Kaptembwo estate in Nakuru, visited one of his tenants, Yohana Sunday at Nakuru to ask for his rent arrears at night, because the tenant had been playing hide and seek with him.

However, having ran out of ideas as to how to evade the landlord again, Yohana Sunday became furious and attacked his landlord with blows on May 20, until his agent came to his rescue and rushed him to the hospital.

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He then went into hiding after learning that his assault case had been reported to the Kaptembwo Police Station, and a search was underway to arrest him.

Sunday was eventually arrested on June 8 and later arraigned at a Nakuru court, with charges of unlawfully assaulting Shiundu and causing him bodily harm.

The suspect reportedly pleaded guilty to the charges, and the case was adjourned till June 24 when he will probably be convicted, as he himself has pleaded guilty already.