The British Medical Journal has published a 15,000-case report in which it has been revealed that a man had mistakenly dropped superglue in his eye

Reports indicate that the said glue is cyanoacrylate nail glue, similar to superglue and sold in a bottle that looks like that of eyedrops.

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According to, the 2010 case report disclosed that the man turned up at Oxford Eye hospital in severe pain.

The report said “Inadvertent ocular cyanoacrylate, or “superglue”, instillation has been reported frequently since 1982 when superglue was repackaged into ophthalmic style dropper bottles.

“This case report highlights the continuing problem of cyanoacrylate eye injuries and serves as a reminder to healthcare professionals to report such incidents to manufacturers and regulatory bodies, on behalf of their patients, to promote the introduction of universal safety mechanisms on all household chemical containers.”