A video circulating online shows two young men believed to be gays in that embarrassing situation.

In the video, one of the two men could be seen ‘glued’ to the other on the back as they both cried amidst attempts to detach from each other.

Bystanders who appear to be neighbours who trooped to their rescue could also be seen bringing them out from the room in which they were allegedly having the sexual intercourse.

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With a cloth wrapped around them, the two virtually were folded together and placed in a car, ostensibly to be conveyed to the hospital for treatment.

Some women who appeared to be neighbours in the house believed to be a compound one could be heard grumbling and booing the two alleged gay lovers.

It is not clear yet where the incident happened, but some sceptics are of the view that the video might be an act for a film, and that may not be far-fetched.

Watch the video below: