Uneasiness in Uganda’s parliament as Speaker vows to name MPs who impregnate and abandon girls

Deputy Speaker of Ugandas parliament, Anita Among has threatened that she will have no option but to announce the names of lawmakers who impregnate young girls and abandon them if they continue.

Tension in Uganda’s parliament as Speaker vows to name MPs who impregnate and abandon girls

While addressing the members of parliament on Wednesday, December 1, the unhappy speaker said: “I am tired of counselling women who come here complaining about MPs who have failed to take care of children they sire.


“Just imagine that the victim is your child or daughter. You have a very young daughter and somebody irresponsibly gets her pregnant and doesn't take responsibility. How will you feel?”

She then warned: “If MPs don't want to believe this, I will start naming the culprits.”

Her stern caution follows a concern raised by Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) Chairperson Sarah Opendi Achieng about her male colleagues being in the habit of sexually exploiting young girls and abandoning them.


Sarah Opendi Achieng who happens to be the Member of Parliament for Tororo recounted: “Today I was informed of a young mother who came to parliament premises with a six-month baby. Unfortunately, the father is one of us here but he has refused to take responsibility. It is a high time we became role models in society.”

Meanwhile, Speaker Anita Among entreated the Ugandan government to put measures in place to cater for vulnerable young girls who are taken advantage of.

“We also need to know what plans the government has for their education. We shall require a quarterly update to parliament on the actions taken,” she directed.



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