16 kidnappers who drink the blood of human beings captured in Niger

The leader of the kidnapping gang disclosed that ten people have been killed since they began their formation.


This act is practiced on people who are not able to meet up with a ransom placed on their release.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), some of the suspects are "Ibrahim Umar, gang leader, Isiaka Mohammed and Hassan Usman, Mubarak Adamu, Yisuf Sani, Musa Usman, Yakabu Wakili, Abdullahi Abdulkarim among others."

The information was confirmed by CSP Jimoh Moshood, a spokesperson for the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), who added that sophisticated weapons were recovered from the kidnappers. Items include 5 AK 47 rifles, nine AK 47 magazines, two cutlasses, one cell phone and 1,598 rounds of ammunition.


A Special Tactical Squad was deployed in a bid to seize the abductors. The gang leader of the dangerous group of 16, identified as Umar, confessed to killing 10 people on their previous missions.

The kidnappers were arrested during the December festivity, a fact that had Moshood boasting about it being a great success for the Nigerian police. It is a great feeling to have in light of a recent public protest calling for the end  of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

The police spokesperson added that “The suspects will be arraigned in court after the completion of the investigation."

If not for the police


This type of effectiveness is what the public need from the Nigeria Police Force whose representatives have failed to uphold the values of noble service.

There were reports that the members of its SARS department abuse people with the aim of collecting money from them.

The insatiable thirst for money has led to the deaths of many innocent civilians.

There is an obvious need to place a clear modern structure in the recruitment requirement for any individual who has an interest in joining the NPF. It should reflect a value of nobility, concern for people and a dedication to saving lives just like medical doctors.

This will help correct the mentality of a deformed society which has little or no confidence in the character and competence of police officers.


A recent nationwide protest saw a large turnout on the streets in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri and Abuja, it offered reactions concerning how Nigerians feel about being oppressed.



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