Fight erupted at a wedding ceremony that took place in Huaian, city of Jiangsu Province on February 15 when a father-in-law forcibly kissed his son’s bride in the presence of all guests and the son himself.

About 8 seconds video clip making the rounds online shows the man leading the bride to the stage and suddenly grabbed her from the back and did what the son was waiting anxiously to do.

He kissed the ‘elegant lady’ as the Master of Ceremonies described her, apparently against her will.

Chinese local media reported that the family posted a note online three days later to explain that the man was drunk at the time and later expressed regret for his action.

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Host of the wedding ceremony who pleaded anonymity reportedly confirmed to FaZhi Evening Post that the embarrassing incident took place at Wuzhou International Plaza in Yancheng of Jiangsu Province.

He said “I was introducing the bride as they were walking on the stage and the father kissed his new daughter-in-law suddenly.”

Father forcibly kisses son's bride at wedding

Meanwhile, another information circulating on Chinese instant messaging app, WeChat indicate that “the son had beaten up his father” and “the father committed suicide,” according to

There are also social media reports that relationship between families of both the bride and the groom have not been good after the incident.

Reports say the Jiangsu Police had investigated the matter, but it is not clear what has become of it.