A young man who had reportedly taken some concoctions for enhanced erection and sexual performance was admitted in the hospital after the woman he was allegedly expecting did not show up.

A video circulating on social media shows the young man lying in hospital bed with drips on him, while his manhood remains erect. A medical doctor is also seen attending to him.

The video was posted on twitter by a user identified as Toksman and it has since gone viral with many users reacting and making mockery of the victim.

While some make fun of the development, others advised the youth to learn a lesson from it and desist from using performance enhancement drugs.

Lately, there have been news of some youth resorting to hard drugs such as Tramadol to enhance their sexual performances and learning activities.

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It is unclear what concoction the unknown man had taken, but it is suspected from the video that the poor man must have gone through an immeasurable pain, as he kept turning obviously in pain.

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