Video of Ghanaian man washing his clothes on moving train angers fellow Ghanaians

It appears some Ghanaians are now getting fed up with publicity stunts that most people adopt lately to become popular. A young man seen in a video doing his washing on a moving train has incurred the wrath of some Ghanaians on social media.

Video of Ghanaian man washing his clothes on moving train anger some Ghanaians

Recently, it was about somebody eating Fufu on a train, and the magnitude of traction the video got might have influenced this fame-hungry young man to resort to a similar means to go viral, but the modus operandi has backfired big time.


It is not clear where exactly the video was shot, but the young man believed to be a Ghanaian is seen wearing Kente, while seated on a train with other passengers.

A video circulating on social media shows him washing a black T-shirt on the moving train to the surprise of other passengers.

As if that was not weird enough, he then brings out a hanger which he erects and dries the washed shirt on it.


At the time he was doing all these, he must have been imagining how viral the video would go, and the accolades it would attract from viewers, but he must be disappointed by now.

Some Ghanaians hold the view that some of those crazy things by a few fame-hungry compatriots are harmful to the image of Ghana as a country and its nationals.

See some of the comments below:


"This is not funny why ....... is it that some people are so desperate to be famous on what.... am so sick and tired to my stomach of is," @devine_favor4real wrote on Instagram.

@ralph.johnson.5 also said: "This not funny at all. We are trying to erase the single-story about us and look at this barbaric act." 

"What is the significance of this? Because of illiterates like this highly educated people are not respected here. People should just ask him to stop it a not funny," @africanteacherr also wrote.

geonet_solutions saidAfter the man eating fufu in a train see this one to he want to trend

@anne23_gh commented: "The funniest thing about this video is that it’s not funny." @nanaakua632 was not excited about the video: "They just keep embarrassing themselves there why are these whites gonna respect us ahhh!" 




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