In Ghana when someone dies others see it as an opportunity to survive. Just like business people tried to cash in by selling Ebony branded clothes at the venue of her one week celebration, some alleged thieves also tried to play their usual tricks on people who are seriously mourning the late musician.

At the St. Martin De Porres School in Dansoman, Accra where a one-week memorial service was held for the young dancehall musician on Sunday, after she died in a terrible accident with two others, not less than two alleged thieves were arrested and subjected to serious extra judicial lynching.

They were accused of taking advantage of the thick crowd to steal mobile phones and other belongings of people present, despite the visibility of police officers stationed at vantage points.

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Photos of the alleged thieves being assaulted by angry mob in some cases in the full glare of police officers have been making the rounds on social media and attracting mixed reactions from the public.

While some thought the attacks inflicted on the alleged thieves served them right, others were of the view that assaulting them was premature especially when they had not been arraigned and pronounced guilty by any court.

It is not yet clear if the suspects had been handed over to the police for possible prosecution.

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