A Kenyan

The woman recalled in an interview with Radio Jambo how she was taken to the ex-husband’s family home for the first time and told to expect some visitors.

"When I was taken to their home, I was told there would be a visitor and if they appeared, I should not run away. I quietly sat still because I did not know the visitors were actually three snakes," she said in the radio interview.

According to her, as soon as the snakes entered the room, "one went to my back while another suckled my breasts.”

She added that: “While all this was going on, my baby was also suckling. I however managed to get away from that home."

The woman whose name has been kept secret for obvious reasons disclosed why she had to part ways with the former husband, saying the man was simply irresponsible.

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"I met my husband in Bungoma town and besides being a night runner, he has also abandoned his parental responsibilities," she said.

According to Tuko.co.ke, she claimed the family she was married into used their snakes to feast on people who dared unearth their secrets, adding that they have so far claimed 24 innocent lives.

The news website further reported that, nursing the snakes was not the only task the unnamed woman was mandated to discharge, she was also required to feed them with sugar-free porridge while kneeling.

What is a bit unclear is whether the woman had done any background checks about the family of the man before she got married into it or she only got to know of this terrible information after marriage.

Also, since she said anyone who dared unearth this information about the ex-husband’s family was killed by the snakes, how did she fortify herself prior to disclosing it in a radio interview?

May God protect her and the children she is singlehandedly taking care of.