3 times internet fraudsters have used family members for blood money

It is shocking that the use of family members for blood money is an option for wealth seeking internet fraudsters.

This is what he told policemen when he was arrested. He is a 25-year-old Nigerian youth.

He makes a confession with the clothes of his parents in his hands. They are local Ankara wears commonly patronized by elderly folks in Nigeria.

The youth planned to take the clothes to a black magic priest to perform rituals required to bring him wealth. At 25 years of age, he thinks he has suffered and wants an end to his money issues.

Getting arrested by the police however may ultimately mean his end. He is not alone in his desire for enormous wealth.

1. Internet fraudster attempts to use mum for money rituals'

An internet fraudster, Taiwo Akinola, has been arrested by the police in Lagos following an attempt to use his mum for money rituals.

On Sunday, August 19, 2018, the suspect attacks the victim, Mrs Alice IyaboAkinola at her residence in Ayobo.

He reportedly employed the use of a plank and other harmful objects in a bid to kill her for ritual purposes.

The incident has been confirmed by police spokesperson CSP Chike Oti according to a Punch News report.

2. Yahoo Boys use grandmother for blood money

Two other internet fraudsters have been apprehended by the police in Edo State while trying to dispose the body of their grandmother Grace Ovbiedo, who was killed for money rituals.

Their arrest was revealed by DSP Chidi Nwanbuzor, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), for Edo State, who mentioned that the force is in pursuit of two other accomplices.

It was alleged that the group of wealth seekers tied a tortoise on their backs and smashed Ovbiedo's head on the wall. This is based on a message they received from the priest who told them they can acquire their desire when a person close to them is killed.

According to many reports, this was confirmed by a family member who stated that the suspects carried out the order as soon as they got home.

3. Wealth seeker uses sister's son for money rituals

A Yahoo boy has been apprehended for using his nephew for money rituals. The wealth seeker was caught in the act in Ikoyi, Lagos, according to a Facebook user.

In a picture, Tunde Owolabi, also known as 'Money Talks', was captured in handcuffs as he crouched beside the corpse of a little boy reportedly 7 years old.

The image was provided in a post shared by Odueko Olumide John who expressed shock concerning the incident.

A grave-looking Owolabi had a look of intent as he tilted his neck sideways as if paying attention to a more serious reality.

"What a wicked world. Luck ran out of another Yahoo big boy named Tunde Owolabi ( aka Money Talks) caught using his elder sister's 7-year-old son for money rituals in Ikoyi, Lagos State," writes John.

It is becoming rampant, occurrences that have seen impatient money lovers use their family members for wealth rituals.

In Nigeria, the situation appears to be money overshadowing the dwindling presence of love.


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