Pornhub Analytics has released its annual year in review for 2015, revealing a host of statistics about what people have been watching.

Apparently a lot of it was about Kim Kardashian.

"Did you know that Pornhub’s most viewed video of all time is the very NSFW ‘Kim Kardashian Sex Tape With Ray J’? As such, Kim K nabs the top spot as most searched for porn star on Pornhub this year, followed closely by pro athlete fave Mia Khalifa and then MILF queen Lisa Ann in 3rd," the website said in its statement.

While South Africa wasn't amongst their top customers - our country did merit a mention in the report.

On average 24% of the website's visitors worldwide are women - in South Africa the proportion of female visitors was 35%, making us the country with the tenth highest proportion of female visitors.

Pornhub has some advice for straight men regarding what women were searching, "Searches like ‘guy licking pussy’ and ‘man eating pussy’ are searched for over 930% more by women than men. So basically, if you’re still trying to figure out what women want, it’s that."

Much like Instagram, Pornhub comments are apparently all about "love" - it remains their most commonly featured word.