You can't stop laughing at this lady's trouble with her high-heel shoes

A hilarious video shows a pretty lady struggling to walk with her high heel shoes.

You can't stop laughing at this lady's trouble with her high heel shoes

She even tried to slow down her pace of movement but to no avail.

The video has gone viral and attracted a lot of interesting reactions. Some Twitter users said she must have been a first-timer, while others suggested that wearing high heels is not meant for everyone.


In related news, reported last year a hilarious video of a lady struggling to open her eyes on a boat ride due to her long artificial eyelashes.

In the video, the slay queen is seen standing in a moving boat with others while trying to film her experience to share on social media and with some close friends but it ended up dramatic.

Although her camera was on capturing the scene, the final video was not what she had intended to shoot.

The breeze was so strong that it kept blowing her long lashes in different directions and she could not even keep her eyes open.


In another lifestyle-related news, a gorgeous bride rocked a stunning trouser suit wedding outfit with class.

Everybody including the groom couldn’t wait to see the apparel his wife-to-be would wear for their holy matrimony.

Emma and his girlfriend, Arklean got married recently in Uganda. They decided to break the usual fashion game at weddings this time.

The bride looked gorgeous in her fairytale Cinderella gown that had a trail and beautiful lace. She accompanied her look with flawless makeup and beautiful hair making her look like a real princess.


The groom, Emma, looked dapper in his royal blue suit combo and elegant pair of shoes.

After the church wedding, Arklean slid into a sleek three-piece suit made of an embroidered crop top, a coat that had a plunging neckline and a pair of fitting pants for the wedding reception.

It was truly a beautiful celebration for the couple and their guests.



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