He caught me and a man in our matrimonial bed; he only asked me to take a shower – Worried lady

A married woman is seeking help on how to save herself from guilty conscience after her husband caught her red-handed in their matrimonial bed with another man.

Sad african woman(forwardtogether)

However, instead of getting angry, her husband only asked the trespasser to get dressed and leave, and then asked her to go and take a shower.

Her worry now is the fact that the man shows her more love than before and has refused to talk about the matter, saying it has happened already and there is no way he can reverse it.

She added that she sometimes wakes up at night only to see her husband awake and staring at her, and when she enquiries, he says he is only admiring her beauty and thanking God for blessing him with her.


"Sometimes I open my eyes at night and find him looking at me. When I ask he says he’s admiring my beauty and thanking God for blessing him with a flame of a woman. I’m thinking he’s planning to do something to me when we are overseas," the woman wrote in a letter addressed to a relationship advisor.

She is unsure whether to accompany her husband to a trip he is organizing for both of them abroad because she fears the man may hurt her when they are away.


Meanwhile. Around this time last year, reported of a Ghanaian woman who claims to have been married for the past ten years has revealed that she has never experienced an orgasm with her husband over the period, and the only time she reaches a climax in bed is when she cheats on the ignorant man.

According to, the woman resorted to a popular Facebook group, “Tell It All” to disclose that her husband is not willing to do the only two things that can make her enjoy sex to the maximum.

She added that, although the man is strong in bed, without licking or fingering her, all his thrusting and panting amidst sweats amount to nothing for her.

The husband’s inertia, she claimed has compelled her to look for happiness outside the marriage, which she has found in a family friend who will not hesitate to lick and finger her.

The anonymous woman’s reason for seeking help now is that she is uncomfortable with cheating on her husband, and wants to stop, but she is dreading an abrupt halt in the illicit orgasm she has been enjoying.


“Good Evening Dear Admin Barbie please hide my identity and approve for me.

“Please oooo no insult. I’ve been married for over 10 years and never experienced orgasm until I cheated on my husband( he started)In fact am still dating this guy and we really love ourselves very much although I love my husband too.

“This guy in question is a very close family friend. The problem is I wish I could call it to quit with this guy but my husband never? me or even have time to romance me.

“This, my guy, will have all the time for me and doesn’t even care if he doesn’t come. What matters to him is, am satisfied.

“I have tried soo many times to show my husband what I want him to do to me but all he does is put his hand down there if it’s somehow wet, then he starts. I hate his lovemaking and now what I do is, I hide in a different room and massage myself till I reach orgasm before going to him. Please, how do I go about this?


“To break up with this guy won’t be difficult for me but I want to enjoy my husband and he’s not ready to do what I want. My husband can really????But I can’t come through????ing, but rather ? or with the finger. Help me out, please.”



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