According to the popular Nigerian prophet identified as Goodheart Val Aloysius, such people’s days are numbered unless they change from their ‘insensitive’ ways.

In his view, once your pastor is not in the position to own a car and you have the means, you must save him rather than continue enjoying your wealth alone while he lacks.

He admonished that church members should not be comfortable seeing their pastors without cars while they have supernumerary.

“Your days are numbered If you have 3 cars and your pastor is trekking” – Pastor says
“Your days are numbered If you have 3 cars and your pastor is trekking” – Pastor says

However, pastor Goodheart Val Aloysius’s assertion did not go down well with some people. Some of them agreed with him but others disagreed with him, advising him to look for a good-paying job if he wants to drive a car.

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In other news, there are many people including youngsters parading the streets selling all kinds of things including water but a little boy chose to be different in his approach to hawking ‘pure water’, and it has earned him a scholarship.

An intriguing video circulating online shows the little boy attempting to convince potential buyers to buy his water.

He could be heard first of all defining water before listing qualities of good water. He then proceeds to discuss the importance of water while focusing on its energy-giving feature.

He then zeros in on the coronavirus pandemic and the role water plays in helping the body system fight against it.

After educating the potential customers on why they need to drink enough water, he finally pleads with them to buy his water.

After the video has gone viral on the internet, award-winning Nigerian gospel artiste, Osinachi Joseph popularly known as Sinach has offered to give the “pure water” seller scholarship to enable him to go back to school, reported.

According to her, the youngster is too intelligent to be left in the streets to become waste.