Masturbation is definitely not a topic to be discussed over dinner with your parents but it’s something people are doing.

People hold all manner of beliefs about masturbation but it’s time we debunk those myths.

Here are some myths you need to stop believing about masturbation:

1. Only men masturbate

Masturbation is commonly associated to men simply because more men do it. But this is not to say that women do not masturbate. Although very few people will admit to engaging in solo sex, both men and women do it for pleasure.

2. It kills your sex drive

This is a misconception that instills fear in you so that you do not masturbate. But the truth is, there is no scientific evidence to prove that masturbating ruins your sex drive. As a matter of fact, masturbating helps you know your body well so that you can enjoy your sex life more even when you are with your partner.

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3. Masturbation causes erectile dysfunction

This is another big lie. Erectile dysfunction results from health problems such as stress, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases among others. So, if you have other reasons not to masturbate, erectile dysfunction should not be one of them.

4. It causes male infertility

It’s so scary that one would become infertile just because of masturbating. But this is just another misconception about masturbation probably spread to discourage men from indulging in solo sex. How frequent you masturbate has no effect on your ability to impregnate a woman.

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5. Masturbation will desensitize you

Having solo sex will never take away your sensual feelings. You might feel a little bit numb after using the vibrator but everything comes back to normal after a while. It’s the same feeling you have after having a satisfactory sex and the senses get back together shortly after.

6. It’s for single people

People assume that lonely and single people are the only ones that masturbate. This is not the case however. Even people in relationships incorporate masturbation during sex to spice it up.