Instead of living in fear of uncertainty in

I won’t be the first oil executive to tell you that we live in a time of great uncertainty. The most visible indicator of that uncertainty is today’s low oil price and the impact that is having on our industry: on investment, on jobs, on our employees, their families and communities.

Sometimes I worry that we get overly distracted by this output. Not because it isn’t important; it undoubtedly is. But because we can’t change it. I believe we must all look more broadly at today’s challenges and focus on this moment as an opportunity, or catalyst for change.

The energy industry is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Demand is still growing as more and more people come online.

Conversations around sustainability and the energy mix remain a priority. These are the things we as an industry need to be focusing on. These are the conversations of the present — and the future — that will help us to control our destinies, rather than living in fear of the unknown.

Below, some ideas to consider:

Times like these call for courage to prioritise and make difficult decisions. If we focus effectively, volatile times can act as important catalysts to add creativity in unprecedented ways, fundamentally altering our business and beyond. Let’s grab this opportunity and forever change the future of our industry together.