GE Healthcare’s Vscan portable ultrasound is scarcely bigger than a mobile phone, but it packs a hefty punch. It is a handheld, pocket-sized visualisation tool, powered by ultrasound technology, which can be used for high-quality abdominal, urological, cardiac, obstetric and paediatric imaging. As a result, patients benefit from more efficient care with fewer referrals.

The Vscan is particularly suited for use in rural healthcare, as a single day charge provides up to an hour of continuous use. Doctors can travel from patient to patient, alleviating the expense and difficulty patients encounter when accessing the nearest clinic or hospital (if there even is one available).

Maternal health has been at the top of the global health agenda for several decades. Portable ultrasound devices, combined with proper skills, knowledge and quality-assurance, have the potential to vastly improve maternal and newborn care provided they are acceptable, feasible, cost-effective, and scalable. They can contribute toward efforts to reduce maternal mortality and newborn deaths.

Here’s an example of how the Vscan is supporting better prenatal care in Tanzania. GE Healthcare is committed to providing better healthcare in African countries through innovation that lowers costs,  increases access and improves the quality of healthcare.

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