Reach your full potential with GE’s Early Career Development Programme

By introducing young talent to the best technologies, GE aims to build, empower and move Africa, and the world forward.

They don’t happen overnight, but need the right environment to reach their full potential. By introducing young talent to the best technologies, GE aims to build, empower and move Africa, and the world forward.

GE’s Early Career Development Programme (ECDP) is delivering exceptional results for young graduates in  Nigeria. The company’s senior leadership recruits young graduates and offers them intensive training and mentorship to improve their experience, skills and confidence in the professional working environment.

GE Africa’s ECDP programme was launched in 2010. It aims to build a pipeline of superior talent across Africa. Young graduates who show high growth potential are put through a gauntlet of intensive training that includes working with company leadership to complete challenging work assignments. The programme is structured to provide the graduates with practical work experience that allows candidates to identify potential areas of growth across all its business divisions

One of the successful candidates, Notey Akpotive says: “I got the  opportunity to have business mentors and I got to go on training. There was a big ‘orientation camp’ and it was really targeted, so you had regular catch-up meetings with both the ECDP and the company. It was so helpful for  someone like me [with very little prior experience in the workplace].”

Since its launch, the ECDP has grown significantly. Ever year it has increased the number of candidates and today it accepts about four a year across the SSA region. The ECDP has provided several young business leaders the opportunity to move into global leadership positions in their career path.

Due to the fast paced and  ever-changing business landscape, GE is constantly adapting the ECDP to help  the candidates get the most relevant and up-to-date experience. In Akpotive’s case, the growth trajectory has been phenomenal. She went from a training intern to an exceptional public speaker and facilitator for Fast Works Every  Day – a specially designed programme that teaches employees the importance of a customer-centric approach to conducting business.

The ECDP plays a pivotal role in  boosting experience levels and expertise in a short space of time. Not only  do graduates have access to permanent employment opportunities within GE, they also improve their chances of growing their careers outside of GE by gaining employment in other companies.

The ideal candidate for the ECDP must be a university graduate with less than two years of work experience. GE wants passionate young people who have demonstrated leadership abilities and who are curious and eager to learn. This is your opportunity to jump-start your future, develop your potential for leadership, build your skills and  take your passion for problem-solving to places you never thought possible.

If you or someone you know are a college or university graduate with an interest in Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Field Service Engineering, Operations, Information Technology, and  more, then do the following:

Click on this link, upload your resume and complete the submission process.

Alternatively, if the ECDP role isn’t open in your country, sign up for job notifications on the website. As soon  as a role you’re interested in is posted, you will receive an email notification.


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