Signs your girlfriend is about to leave you

Before a relationship officially ends, it usually ends emotionally before it does physically.

Signs your girlfriend is about to leave you

When your girlfriend has reached that emotional checkout stage, she’s likely to do these things:

When a woman cares about you she will argue about certain decisions you take, this isn't to be rebellious but to show that she cares.

If suddenly she’s not bothered about the things you do or the decisions you take, it’s likely that she’s about to bounce on you.


She’s always busy with one thing or the other.

Your calls are never answered or returned and if they are the attitude is usually unenthusiastic.

At first, she used to make time for you, but now she has new friends and prefers spending time with them.


Suddenly you are no longer a priority, and your plans with her get canceled frequently just to hang out with these ‘friends’

She used to send selfies to you anytime she took them, and now you’ve been demoted to the ‘status viewer’.

You see the pictures as when she posts them you don’t get the special treatments anymore.


There’s no enthusiasm anymore, she’s not happy to see you when you give her a surprise visit.

If the things you did that made her happy now annoy her. Just know that your days are numbered in the relationship.

If you are noticing all these signs in your relationship maybe it’s time to sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner.

If you can save the relationship then do your best to save it, but if it’s beyond repair it’s better to let go and move on.

Not all relationships are meant to last, some are meant to teach us lessons to become better people to our future partners.


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