6 things Ghanaian instrumentalists get away with in church

Church instrumentalists have been observed deviating from certain traditional norms during Sunday services. While their musical talents are undeniable, it appears they may be getting away with more than just playing instruments.

Church instrumentalists

Here are six things Ghanaian instrumentalists get away with in church.

Contrary to the expected practice of contributing to the church offering, many instrumentalists seem to bypass this customary act of financial support.

You can't blame them when it is time for offering, they will be playing the instruments for the songs, so what do you expect?


Participation in communal prayers is often dodged by the instrumentalists as they focus on perfecting their notes rather than engaging in spiritual contemplation.

The unwritten dress code for church events appears to be a mere suggestion for instrumentalists, who frequently opt for casual attire rather than aligning with the expected dress standards. They might wear comfortable shoes, Lacoste and T-shirts.


You will usually see instrumentalists having Brief, quiet communication with other musicians during critical parts of the service. It is usually tolerated, as long as it's not disruptive to the worship atmosphere. You never know they might be aligning on the keys and notes for the next song

Right after ministration the instrumentalists always vanish. In very long services, especially, short breaks for instrumentalists might be allowed, as long as they don't disrupt the flow of worship.


During sermons and announcements, the instrumentalists are usually nowhere to be found. Instrumentalists might miss parts of sermons or announcements due to their focus on playing, but they still try their best to stay aware and engaged whenever possible. They even know more than you know in the church.

So, the instrumentalists in church sometimes forget to give money, miss saying prayers, and wear whatever they want. It's kind of funny, right? But no big deal!

While it's true that instrumentalists in church sometimes have flexibility in their roles, it's important to remember that they are still contributing to the service and participating in the worship experience

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