8 people you will find in every Ghanaian lecture hall

In every Ghanaian lecture hall, you will find different kinds of people, from the over-enthusiastic to those who act most intelligent, these characters make each class a unique experience. Without further ado, let's dive into the vibrant ecosystem of university lecture halls and meet the eight types of students you're bound to encounter.

8 people you will find in every Ghanaian Lecture hall

You can spot them by the front row seat, with many colorful highlighters, and an eager gaze that says, "I've been waiting for this my whole life." They copy notes, participate in every discussion, and probably have a collection of extra credit assignments. When no one has a question, they surely do have something to say .


This character has mastered the art of sleeping while sitting upright. You'll find them in the back rows, and an uncanny ability to catch a few winks without getting caught, and when you tap them to wake up, they tell you they are not sleeping. They've turned dozing into a skill, and while the professor drones on, they may be in their dreamland.

This student treats the lecture hall like a social club. Constantly texting, whispering, and passing notes, they come to the class for more like a social update than the lecture material. They may not ace exams, but they're top-notch at networking. Everybody knows them and they seem to know everyone.

Armed with the latest gadgets, Tech enthusiasts are always one step ahead. They take notes on their tablet, record the lectures, and take pictures of the lecture boards they might not even look at. While everyone else fumbles with pens and paper, Tech enthusiasts are embracing the digital age.


There’s a mature-aged student in every single lecture, without fail. For every question or contribution they give, they add some history and life experiences to it and they talk for almost ten minutes mostly swaying from the topic. You might want to make friends with them because they might help you learn and give you some perfect advice that will change your life forever.

They face a trilemma when sneaking into a lecture. Option one involves nonchalantly brushing off the lateness and convincing oneself they'll effortlessly catch up. Option two employs the strategic use of the lecture hall's back entrance to slip in without causing a disturbance. Lastly, the daring option three entails boldly strolling through the front door, often resulting in an unexpected front-row seat beside a lecturer they rarely encounter.


While everyone is dressed casually, the Fashionista stands out like a peacock in a chicken coop. Every day is a fashion show, and the lecture hall is their runway. From stylish ensembles to impeccably coordinated accessories, the Fashionista treats every class like a red carpet event and they always get eyes rolling.

Meet the students who are always feeling under the weather - the Always Sick Students. They come to class with lots of tissues, cough drops, and constant sneezing. You can hear them sneezing and coughing throughout the lecture, turning it into a sick day soundtrack. These students seem to catch every cold and flu going around. Despite being often unwell, they show up to class with a determination to keep up. Whether they're truly struggling or just trying to get some sympathy, the Always Sick Students bring a bit of drama - and a few extra tissues - to the university scene.

As you navigate the world of university lecture halls, keep an eye out for these fantastic eight. Whether you find yourself relating to one of these archetypes or chuckling at the antics of your fellow students, remember that the journey through higher education is as much about the people you meet as the knowledge you gain.


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