How often do you clean your makeup brushes? The skills of the makeup artists can’t be underestimated when analysing the final look of a muse or client after one to two hours of face beat.

However, the products and tools used these experts plays a key role in the final look. Although It is not advisable to share makeup brushes, makeup artists can’t use one set of brushes for every new client. Their charges will skyrockets and their clientele will reduce over time.

Hence, it is highly recommended for every patron in the makeup industry to use clean tool for a smooth application.

This will prevent bacteria build up which will led to breakouts. Here are 4 household products that clean your brushes at home.

 Clarifying or baby shampoo

Add a dollop of baby shampoo to a bowl of lukewarm water, then swirl each dirty brush around until you have worked up a lather, using your fingers if necessary. Then rinse under a cold tap until all the soap has gone. 

2. Unscented soap

Did you know that unscented soap is effective at cleaning makeup tools? Wet your brush, swirl it around on the bar of soap, then rinse it under the tap until the water runs clear. 

3. Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid is quite harsh, which makes it great at stripping product from makeup brushes. It can be used instead of clarifying or baby shampoo and yields the same great, squeaky-clean results.

4. Olive oil

Yes, you can use olive oil to clean your makeup brushes for flawless face beat.

Dunk your brush in olive oil and massage until the caked-on gunk has become soft, then rub the brush on a clean sponge to remove all the makeup. To get rid of any excess oil, wash with detergent or shampoo and leave it to dry.