Every hair has a life of its own. As part of the year of return activities, most Ghanaians and the returnees had busy and fun-filled holidays. Glamming up for the event included changing looks including hairstyles. It’s a new year, time to restore the damaged hair and get the shine back. Here are simple and inexpensive ways restore your damaged hair.

Use hair restoring products

Spend your money on quality natural hair products that can effectively bring your hair to their natural beauty.

Use hair oils

Quality oils are the key to moisture hair and body. Argan, coconut, castor, jojoba and almond oils among others contain a lot of active components and vitamins which are good for your hair.

Use hair conditioner and nourishing masks

The hair mask is the easiest way to restore the natural shine of your hair at home. It is very effective and less expensive Use a nourishing hair mask from the middle of the length of your hair.

Protect your hair

Protect your hair, because a hair dryer (hot air) works on the structure and can provoke dryness. Therefore, use good heat-protective products, they are your faithful friend!

Don’t comb wet hair

Wet hair can be easily damaged, so before drying it, pat the length of the hair with a towel and wait a couple of minutes. This will help minimize the harm. And then let your hair dry, preferably naturally.

Diversify your diet

Eating certain kinds of foods can prevent most hair conditions from dryness to dullness. Foods that are rich in vitamin E are very beneficial for hair health. It nourishes and strengthens hair follicles.

Trim the tips, don’t be afraid!

Trimming your hair is the first step to undertake if you want quality hair. If you noticed that your hair is very dry, then trim the ends. Do not regret it, because they will grow much faster and look more healthy.

Skip the heating tools for a while

Straightening, blow-drying or tonging adds style and beauty to your look but these heating cause more harm than good. It should be a daily routine if you want quality hair. Many styling products. They can cause dryness. Before you purchase a new product – carefully study the ingredient list.