Waterproof makeup products are best for prolong wear and flawless makeup look but they can be a pain to get rid of!

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it's important however to make sure the skin breathes as skin clogged with makeup will eventually result in breakouts and other skin blemishes, so after wearing makeup for the day, they should be taken off properly and completely.

Removing waterproof products however come with even more care as they get more 'stubborn' to remove.

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These two ways are sure ways to completely rid the skin of waterproof makeup products:

1. Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly

Applying petroleum jelly helps 'dissolve' waterproof products making taking them off completely easy.

Apply Vaseline/petroleum jelly to areas with waterproof make-up e.g mascara (lashes and eye area), pigmented lip colours (on the lips) and let it sit for a few minutes (to dissolve the products).

Wipe the area clean with cotton balls or towel (preferably with warm water to clean it off without any greasy residue)

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil just like Vaseline/petroleum jelly works perfect for removing waterproof make-up. Just like with the petroleum jelly, apply drops of olive oil to lashes, lips and other areas of the face with waterproof makeup, rub the lashes with the oil with your thumb and index fingers to 'soak' them with oil to get off mascara residue.

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Wipe areas clean with cotton balls and you may follow up with a deep cleanser to rid the skin completely of any residue.

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