There are a lot of makeup products on the market, those with darker skin tones should select their makeup carefully as it makes a huge difference to their appearance.

  • Dark blushes

Blush is an important item in a makeup set. Bricks and deeper brown reds are great colors for blushes and one of the greatest makeup tips for dark skin.

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  • Play with eyeshadow

Dark skinned women always find it difficult finding out which colors are perfect for their skin tone. That's why playing with all sorts of different eyeshadow colors is so important!

  • Don’t forget the powder

Use the right shade of powder during your makeup application to kick out the shine and leave your face beautiful.

  • Concealer to hide blemishes

Another makeup tip for dark skin revolves around hiding all of those pesky blemishes that we all get. Concealer is a great way to hide the blemishes and really brighten up your skin. Just make sure that you find the right shade that fits your skin tone!

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  • Groom your eyebrows

Whether you are using an eyebrow pencil or you are just tweezing a natural arch, you've got to make sure that you remember your eyebrows!