Who doesn’t stun these stun the queens in the music world? World’s best living entertainer

The September issue of both American Vogue and British Vogue has Beyoncé and Rihanna respectively. Beyoncé donned the floral headgear for the cover of Vogue US and Riri also did same for Vogue UK.

We wouldn't call it copying as much as we would call it twinning. Both music gems were made to wear the floral headgear for the shoot.

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Rihanna wore hers in a high fashion way with her much talked about thin brows she had on. She was entirely couture and aesthetic in her shoot with her posture and heavy Asian makeup. Rihanna we know always want to be the ‘Naomi Campbell’ of the music scene.

The mother of 3, Beyoncé Knowles stunned as in a very natural and simple way. Her floral headgear was scored with a ‘no make-up’ face and a vintage maiden gown. The queen decided to redefine editorial beauty in an authentic way.  Her cover photo was a reflection of the issues she opened up about.

But we also feel that with these two shots, floral headgear is going to be a major trend in the coming spring season next year. Don't you all think so too?