Sleeping with your makeup on can not only cause acne thanks to some seriously clogged pores, it can also break down healthy collagen.

Simply put: You need to allow the skin to breathe during the night, so it’s not a step you should be skipping even if you feel like you’d rather crawl under the covers and forget about it.

Most experts agree that the first step to clean is actually a “pre-cleanser” like a makeup wipe, cleansing oil, or plain old water. “It’s important to remove your face makeup before you use your facial cleanser so you’re not mixing the day’s makeup with dirt and simply redistributing it in open pores”.

If you’re interested in a cleansing oil, use recommended one by dermatologist which has moisturizing effects. Add water to  “emulsify and clean all the dirt and impurities in the skin, breaking down the makeup at the same time

Use makeup wipes for skin with low sensitivity to friction, the exfoliation makes it ideal for oily or acne-prone skin types, especially.

After you’re done with the “pre-cleanse,” to rinse the face with cold water. This helps to close off the pores to outside elements for good night’s sleep.