Red lips will never go out of fashion but wearing such a bold colour can be a little intimidating not to mention hard to pull off.

Even the best of us can suffer from smudging not to mention the old lipstick on teeth trauma.

Every woman can wear red, it all boils down to is your confidence to carry it off.

“Anyone can wear any shade, it's just knowing how to wear it well that counts! Always remember; there's nothing that pops quite like a red lipstick.”

Finding your perfect rouge is the first hurdle. Reds are split into different tone categories - true reds, orange tone and blue tone.

The darker the skin tone, the darker the shade that can be worn, so lighter skin tones should stick to lighter shades

Here are 6 tips to help you perfect your pout.

1. If in doubt don't try the shade on your hand, just apply to your fingertip and hold that up to your mouth. Your fingertips are the same shade as your natural lip and therefore give a better idea of what the shade looks like.

2. Buff up your lips for a smoother and longer lasting lip application by exfoliating your lips with a scrub or old toothbrush.

3. Use a primer or lip balm to help moisturise lips – it’ll help you wear those trendy matte shades comfortably.

4. Use a lip pencil if you are choosing a sheer or glossy shade. Lip liners help avoid the lipstick bleeding or feathering and will help it to last longer too.

5. If the lipstick looks completely different on you than the actual shade in the tube, apply foundation or concealer to your lips before you apply the product.

6. To avoid lipstick on your teeth run your finger through your mouth after application.