We would all like to live in a perfect world. A world where shirts never get stained with red lipstick, roots never got frizzy and makeup could be flawless all day along.

But alas, the world we live in is one filled with carrying extra blotting paper for those sweaty days, struggling to type with your stiletto nails and waking up to 2 pimples on your forehead.

In today’s world, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram will have you believing makeup can be perfect and flawless. What they don’t show you is the no less than 5 filters and photo editing apps these images have been put through, to make them look like they’re straight from the pages of Vogue. That’s why I love following real girl pages like Patricia Bright, Jackie Aina and Omabelle who show you the reality and struggle of having perfect skin and makeup. They let me, and I’m sure a lot of other women out there, know that there is no quick fix to beauty. There are those days when you look a hot mess. We realize that other women get zits, stretch marks, discolorations too!

To let you know that the problems you face on a daily basis are more then common, I am taking a cue from these women and sharing some beauty truths. The struggle for perfect beauty is REAL, and we’re all in this together.

Here are 8 REAL GIRL beauty experiences that I have had, and am sure you have too.

1. The best part about new hair is the week afterGetting a new hairstyle done is like being reborn. You have this sense of newness that can be likened to having a new lease on life. But the truth is, that new feeling can be irritating.

I don’t know about you, but I usually can’t wait for that new feeling to go away soon after I leave the salon. Although it feels and looks nice, hair just looks better after some days of brushing, packing and general use. I think that’s the time you really start settling into the look and getting the hang of it.

It’s like a new house. You won’t really begin enjoying it until you’ve put in some furniture, had friends over and made some memories there over time.

2. We’ve all had the hair stylist with no sense of hygieneIf you have had this experience, then you know the gravity of what I’m talking about. For some reason, local salons always have that one attendant that feels, along with Miley Cyrus, that armpit hair was made to run wild and free. And unfortunately, feels that deodorant is not a personal requirement.

My last experience with this particular issue was definitely my last. It got so bad, I had to leave in the middle of my hair wash and alerted the salon owner. I felt bad afterwards and couldn’t even look the attendant in the eye when I went for a manicure. Maybe I’ll buy her a gift…like a shower kit or something.

3. Pimples love ruining special daysThis happens to me every time. Whenever I have a big day coming, I always get a pimple right on my forehead or nose on that day. It could be due to stress, over pampering the skin in preparation, or maybe my skin just thinks a pimple is the perfect finish to my makeup; but no matter the strategy I use, the pimple always shows up! *Sigh*

4. We’ve all had crooked eyebrowsI remember the first time I tried perfecting the arch of my eyebrows with concealer. It turned out to be disastrous. At the time, I thought I could win the Annual Fleekest Eyebrow In the World games, but recently when I looked at an image from like 4 years ago, I realized I was just learning. And I’m sure you’ve had this experience too. I had this big white line around by brows, and they were sooo crooked. Thank God for Youtube makeup tutorials.

5. Guys must hate our hugs by now – we always stain their shirts!I can’t count how many male friends’ shirts I have rendered useless with my face of makeup. You know that moment you run into an old friend and give them a big hug, but then you quickly realize in a split second that there is no way the makeup you blended to your neck hasn’t decorated his shirt. And you’re hardly ever wrong.

I think guys can either master the art of air hugging, or place a handkerchief on their shoulders before we hug them. Because I don’t think makeup is going anywhere.

6. All girls are starting to look alike on InstagramI don’t know what it is but almost every girl has the same look on Instagram. It’s a bit creepy. Winged eyeliner, chiseled cheekbones, matte lips, long false lashes, perfectly sculpted eyebrows and that one look…

Although I do appreciate the art of makeup, and the fact that it has a process and necessary stages, I think we can all make it our own. You don’t all have to look alike, there is beauty in diversity you know.

7. Catcalls come even when you don’t have makeup onThere are many reasons why we wear makeup, and looking good for the opposite sex is one of them (no matter how much you try to deny it). So it’s a bit unsettling when you only get catcalled on those days when you don’t give a damn about your looks. Hair is a mess, face is oily, and there is this guy saying “hi, how are you doing?” You almost always feel like he’s joking with you, and keep walking away.

8. When you wore false lashes for the 1st time, they felt like hand fansUnfortunately for me I was one of those who started wearing individual lashes with bonding glue. Needless to say it was a horrible experience. While the salon attendant was applying the lashes, some strands entered my eye, she glued my eyelids together and, 2 days after, my eyes were as red as Louboutin soles.

I also didn’t know you could take them out with oil, so I plucked mine out, together with my actual lashes. The pain was REAL. Not to mention how heavy they were. It almost felt like I had not slept in days and I wanted to keep my eyes closed all the time. But thankfully that taught me to never do anything without researching on it first.

Source: Bella Naija.com