For women: 5 best foods to eat during menstruation

Certain foods trigger menstrual pain whereas others relieve you from the pain and fatigue.

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Menstruation is an inevitable aspect of a woman’s life. A woman usually experiences pain, fatigue, bloating and cramps while going through menstruation. Hence, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to reduce menstrual pain as it can severely impact mood and other bring other changes. Good nutrition ensures that a woman experiences periods with fewer cramps, irritability, and fatigue and can have smoother and easier period days.

Although our lifestyle plays an important role in determining a healthy period flow, our diet should not be neglected. Certain foods trigger menstrual pain whereas other foods will relieve you from the pain and the fatigue.

  • Green vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are the most potent sources of iron which is necessary during your period. Low levels of iron can make you more fatigue and can cause pain and fatigue. Consuming vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, and cabbage can increase iron levels in the body and ease up period pain.

  • Yoghurt

To have smooth menstruation, it is important to have a diet free of inflammatory foods. Consumption of sugar, dairy, or gluten can trigger pain. Hence eating foods like yoghurt which cools down the body is quite beneficial for the body. It is also a food enriched with probiotics that keep your vaginal health in good shape and ensures smooth period days. Make sure to cut off inflammatory foods during your period days. However, only continue with yoghurt if it does not trigger your gut health issues and suits you perfectly.

  • Fruits

Seasonal fruits and fruits with a higher water content are extremely effective to reduce pain during menstruation. Seasonal fruits help to keep the immunity system strong and provide you with the necessary energy. You can consume fruits as an evening or mid-morning snack.


Also., consuming fruits is healthier than fruit juices as you can have maximum benefits of fibre. Besides, fruits such as watermelon, and cucumber are hydrating foods that keep the body hydrated.

  • Nuts

Nuts are excellent sources of omega-3, magnesium, potassium, iron, and protein. These nutrient-enriched nuts such as flax seeds, almonds, and walnuts aid in good sleep. Besides the presence of magnesium in these foods is extremely important as magnesium is a calming mineral that helps to soothe and calm the nervous system. It is also great to alleviate menstrual cramps and pain.

  • Herbal teas

Consumption of caffeine or alcohol can lead to more bloating, headaches, dehydration, nausea fatigue, and digestive issues. Hence try to cut down your caffeine, tea, and alcohol intake during menstruation. Incorporate herbal teas like raspberry tea, peppermint tea, or various fusion teas which aid to calm down premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and pacify period pain.


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