4 reasons why pregnant women should enjoy more oral sex

Whatever your thoughts on oral sex, take a read at some of the benefits of oral sex.

Some sex positions aren’t safe for a pregnant woman but that shouldn’t prevent them from having multiple orgasms.

Oral sex has more advantages for expectant mothers than you can ever think imagine. Adventurous couples can try oral sex for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Healthy pregnancy

Sex drive increases during pregnancy but it is quite unadvisable as the health of both the mother and the baby can be affected.


A couple can satisfy each other sexual needs by engaging in oral sex which doesn’t affect the health of anyone.

  • Helps morning sickness during pregnancy

Pregnant women can stop their nausea by engaging in oral sex. Semen has nutrients that help in curbing the morning sickness during pregnancy. It has been proved that the qualities of the sperm mix with the hormones, giving them a balance and helping the woman with nausea.

  • Helps to relieve pain

Semen contains oxytocin and endorphins that act as the painkillers. Oral sex can actually help you relieve pain with the nutrients present in a man’s sperm.

  •  Induces sleep

Semen is the best sleeping pills in the world. It will work wonders and you will have a perfect night sleep. Semen contains melatonin that is the best sleep inducing agent ever.


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