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Just as they say, too much of everything is bad. Contact lenses overuse has its health implications that should be taken lightly.

When you wear it for too long without replacing it, the lenses’ pores become clogged, they harden, and they begin to house bacteria. All of this can result in decreased performance, as well as risk to your eyesight.

Here are some of the most common side effects of wearing your contacts for extended periods:


  • Eye pain

Contact lenses usually deny your corneas hydration and oxygen which causes corneal abrasions or scratches on your cornea.

  • Blurred vision

Instead of helping you see better, contacts lenses can impair your vision if you use it longer than you should. This is caused by damage to your corneas and is often accompanied by sensitivity to bright lights.

  • Red eyes

Red-eyes caused by contact lens overuse indicate a much more severe condition and should not be taken lightly. Unlike red eyes called by irritation or light infections which heals very fast.

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  • Overgrowth of surrounding blood vessels

When your eyes lack oxygen because of contact lens overuse, the blood vessels surrounding the corneas try to adapt. This causes an overgrowth of blood vessels, which leads to blurred vision or in severe instances, the loss of sight. The condition does not have a symptom and can only be diagnosed by regular visits to an eye doctor.

  • Eye ulcers

These open sores appear as white or grayish specks on the cornea. They occur when your eyes get infected because you used your contacts for too long or without cleaning them. They are painful and can cause blurred vision and blindness.