How to make homemade body scrub for dry skin

Body scrubs are part of essential beauty routines that every one should engage in. But they can be quite expensive with elaborate names and Make yourself some homemade body scrub and save some cash.

Scrubs are made of abrasive products (usually salt or sugar) as base. Mixed with either massage oils, aromatic oils, spices, herbs or fruits which moisturises the skin. Body scrubs scraps off dead skin cell, exfoliating your skin and leaving it smooth and soft. Also relaxes your lymph nodes and improves blood circulation.

Homemade body scrubs are a safer option to consider because you know the ingredients in it. This will prevent a nasty allergy reaction which you could develop with store bought body. It is not advisable to use body scrubs on broken or sunburnt skin. Due to its abrasive nature, we wouldn’t want you hurting yourself.

Salt body scrubs are ideal for skin which needs healing. As salt is the healthy way to heal skin injuries. Run warm water over the area you wish to exfoliate. Warm water will soften your skin in readiness for the scrub. Apply the sugar/salt scrub on your body. Massage in circular motion with gentle pressure. Pat the skin dry with a towel. Be sure to leave your body a bit moist. Smear your oil with a relaxing oil and voila say hello to your new soft and smooth skin.

Give your spouse a home spa treatment with these homemade body scrub recipes this Valentines Day.


Homemade body scrubs are cheaper alternatives to store bought ones. And they scrub clean all the same. You can make your own with a few cedi. About 15cedis or less should suffice.


These recipes are easy to follow. Have your homemade body scrub ready in 5mins.




For sugar scrub

This can be used as facial scrub or body polish. This scrub relaxes you after a long day. Be sure to apply your moisturizer before bed.

Use a spoonful in the evening during your shower. Scrub your face with the mixture and rinse. Or you can dab with half a lemon and scrub your face. Rinse with warm water first then cold water.

For salt scrub

This scrub is recommended for dry skin especially at the feet regions.

Soak your feet in warm water for about 30mins. Scoop enough to scrub your feet. Experience smooth and soft feet all day.


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