Eyebrow pomades come in waterproof brow colours used to define and sculpt brows.

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They are common these days for taming the brows to perfection. Perfectly defined brows makeup a pretty face as it instantly lights up the face as well as define and enhance the eyes.

Because brow pomade offer more benefits than the regular pencil liner/filler they have become a makeup/beauty must have for every modern lady.

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Brow pomades are usually fast drying, waterproof as well as smudge free so it keeps the brows in place for a long time. It also helps create an illusion of a fuller and thicker brows and more but surprisingly a lot of ladies haven't gotten a hang of this yet.

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If you don't know how to tame those unruly brows with the all-mighty brow pomade then learn how in easy steps above

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