Miss Indonesia 2014, Maria Rahajeng is sharing her five beauty tips with us all and tells Pulse TV exclusively at the 2015 RATU International Festival in Cameroon (in December) that they are the best because they have worked for her! So, get your pen and paper and let's do this together!

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According to Rahajeng:

1.) Enough Sleep: You have to have alot of sleep. Atleast 7 hours a day

2.) Drink a lot of water to get your sking glowing and to have nourishment.

3.) Use natural products. Its very important to use natural products on your face and body and to moisturize your skin.

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4.) Know your body and face structure: This helps with how to apply your makeup  and what to wear. In short, know your self well and what it needs.

5.) Be confident: A woman has to be confident with who she is and what she is. You have to be confident with all your flaws, your impefections.... you have to work it!

Watch Maria Rahajeng in our EXCLUSIVE video below: