6 underwear mistakes that are harmful to your health

Shape wear can also produce numbness and decreased blood circulations. Avoid them if you can.

6 underwear mistakes that are harmful to your health

Underwear is a very essential part of clothing for both women and men. But we may just be abusing the way we wear and don’t wear it. Here six mistakes we make with our underwear that is bad for our health


#1: Going “antipe” during the day

This is for those who like to go without any underwear during the day. A lot of women are very comfortable with that. This is a very dangerous way of your underwear life. I know you like to keep the place airy but don’t forget the moisture needs to be absorbed. There are those who throw on a pair of trousers without underwear: that is not smart either. Your vagina sits right on the seam and this can irritate sensitive areas.

# 2: Tight (papistic) underwear

I know we all want to keep it tight. But there are other ways of keeping our packages tight without wearing tight underwear. Not only is tight underwear generally uncomfortable, it promotes roughness of the skin and irritation of the vagina.  Underwear tight enough to cause friction can result in irritation. Research shows that women in their fifties and beyond are likely to have thin vaginal walls. If you are in that group, stay away from tight underwear.

 # 3: Underwear made of Silk

Unfortunately the silk and synthetic underwear tend to be more expensive and more stylish. When it comes to under wears your personal preference can dictate the fabric as long as the crotch is lined with cotton.  But if you are looking for optimal underwear comfort say away from synthetic material and wear silk occasionally. Silk and synthetic fabrics only retain moisture which can create a yeast or bacterial infection.

 #4: Body-shape wear

I have a protruding belly. For about 6 months I tried to keep it down and look good in my clothes by wearing corsets. I remember how uncomfortable I felt during this period. Going to the bathroom can be annoying when you are in such under wears. You will then hold more than you should which is unhealthy.  They can also produce numbness and decreased blood circulations. Avoid them if you can.

#5: Thongs/ V shapes /G-strings

If you are susceptible to getting yeast or bacterial infection the last thing you want to wear is thongs. Experts say bacteria can be transferred from the vagina to the anus and vice versa. Thongs move a lot. They slide back and forth and hardly stay at one place.  It can also be very irritating. Have you ever experience a thong trap (when the back of the thong is trapped in the anus) in public? This doesn’t mean women can’t wear thongs just pick the right one for you. If you have no issue with things then go for it. But if you do a clean granny panties won’t hurt.

#6: Wearing underwear at night

I cannot have two minutes of sleep at night completely nude. Big NO for me!!! But most experts are proponents of sleeping in completely the nude. For women who are going through menopause, sleeping without underwear according to health experts make more sense.  You don’t want to be wearing a wet panty all through the night after a hot flash.


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