Itching can be caused by stress, anxiety and other emotional problems.  Dry skin is the most frequent cause of itch without a rash.

Even though an itch is our body’s defence mechanism against an unpleasant contact with some irritant, constant itching can cause a break in the skin and lead to infections.

Try these home remedies for itch relief.

Whether due to dry skin or an insect bite, whatever the cause of the itch, coconut oil can work wonders.

The best way to use it is to rub a little coconut oil directly onto the affected area. If you suffer from a widespread itch all over the body especially during the dry season, soak in a bathtub of lukewarm water; then just pat yourself dry and apply the oil all over.

If your skin is of the sensitive type, the best remedy is petroleum jelly. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and by its very nature, has a soothing action on the skin.

Therefore, it not just relieves your itch, but it also ensures the skin irritation becomes less. Best of all, it is safe as well as inexpensive and so you don’t have to worry about how often you apply it.


Lemon is rich in vitamin C and has  bleaching properties making it one of the best remedies for itchy skin. The volatile oil in lemon has the ability to numb sensations and is also good against inflammation.

Simply cut a lemon in two and squeeze out a little juice over the itchy area; allow to air dry and you’ll soon find some relief.