Top 5 sex positions guaranteed to give you simultaneous orgasms with your partner

Riding the waves to orgasm is amazing but achieving your orgasm at the same time as your partner is magical.

simultaneous orgasm

With these sex positions, no more cries of he cum before she did! Reach the maximum bliss with your partner right with you.

Actually, a simultaneous orgasm with your partner is a difficult task and quite unnecessary. Unless you keep leaving her in the dust one too many, then you have a problem on your hands. Today, you have found the right solutions for you!

If you have an orgasm while they’re inside of you, it can feel amazing to both of you!


This sex position is known to have the highest rate of synchronized orgasms ever. Why? Because unfortunately, most women do not achieve orgasms from penile sex. And thus a little help from your toy can make all the difference. The trick is to make sure the toy doesn’t get in the way.

The coolest way to make this happen is to hop up on a chair or countertop so you can use a toy without it getting in the way. Plus make sure you both communicate throughout to ensure a seamless uninterrupted journey to bliss.


Contrary to popular belief, the missionary position is one of the best ways to achieve simultaneous orgasms. Missionary isn’t boring, actually, it is highly orgasmic with the right techniques and rhythms.

Beginning with slow grinding movements with a focus on the pubic bone rubbing against the vulva. Also, keep eye contact whilst consciously begin aware of their body close to yours. These few skills would make all the difference.

Does it take your partner long to get in the mood? It's okay to give them a head start. Go ahead, don’t feel guilty and start on your own. Start off with what turns you on and keep going at it until you are just at the edge of the cliff…


text them to tell them exactly what they’re missing or make some noise if they are in the next room so they can better visualize what you’re doing in there. Then invite them in and pounce on them.

Probably you need to stretch the time to help guide each other to bliss. Try a thicker condom or desensitizing gel to last longer so you have enough time to explore each other.


It’s easier to cum together if you masturbate together. Lie facing each other, grab some lube and start working on yourselves. Maintain eye contact and pay close attention to your partner's movements (expressions, breathing, sounds).

According to sex experts, It’s incredibly intimate because there are few things more vulnerable than experiencing pleasure on your own in front of someone who you are connected with.


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